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February 10, 2016
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June 7, 2017

While driving down Holly Springs Road this week I noticed dump truck after dump trunk passing by with full loads of freshly cut pine trees. After passing by the Lowe’s Food it caught my eye…the path was cut open to access Rhamkatte Village…clear cutting has started.

Rhamkatte is actually a section of the Town of Holly Springs that has historical significance. There is a really nice piece of reading on the history you can find here. The area is on Holly Springs Road bordering Holly Springs Elementary School and Sunset Ridge North.

This is one of the only areas in the heart of Holly Springs that has been undeveloped and if you live here and have for a while you know it is awesome to drive by and see the horses in the meadow. The horses were taken away this week and replaced with bulldozers, tractors and one port o potty. This is a result of growth and Lennar, a leading builder in the area has taken full advantage of this and plans on having Rhamkatte Village…a PUD (Planned Unit Development) under construction very soon. It will consist of single family homes and town homes. Many of them. Click here for the site plans of the neighborhood.

As you can imagine Rhamkatte Village, which Lennar “was” changing it’s name to Market 2018 for some odd reason claiming it was an anagram of Rhamkatte, has become a point of contention among many residents here. This comes with good reason. Many residents in Sunset Ridge North are concerned about increased traffic cutting through from Holly Springs Road headed towards Main Street…and also more residents tracking in and out of this otherwise very peaceful neighborhood. Another huge concern is for the residents whose homes back up to the project. Most citizens of Holly Springs are concerned about the increased traffic on Holly Springs Road coming out of the neighborhood.

As a resident of Holly Springs I totally empathize with the contention as I see the concern about too much growth putting a strain on an insufficient infrastructure. I truly understand residents not wanting more traffic in their neighborhood and losing their wooded backyard view of trees to rooftops. I also know that where I live in Sunset Ridge South, there used to be trees and peace and quiet. I am sure the residents on Holly Springs Road were upset at the development of my neighborhood in the mid 1990′s. But, let’s peel a layer off the onion here.

When you read message boards about people complaining about Rhamkatte being developed and taking away the natural beauty of one of the last untouched areas here, it is not really that they are putting in a new neighborhood that riles them up, it is the way it was done. I think residents wanted a bit more input and respect from the builder in terms of how the PUD will look out of the box. We love trees and we love buffers. As a builder, they will look at giving up another 40 feet as a buffer will result in taking away a lot they could sell. They are not interested in protecting the aesthetic beauty that currently (actually as of last week) exists…they are interested in building homes. There is no right answer. I personally love this town and I do think the leaders of this town are doing the best they can. Make no mistake, Holly Springs, no matter the outcome of Rhamkatte, is the best Town in the best County in the best State in the best Country.

So I wanted to write this post because it is finally here, the inevitable. I woke up early this morning to go to Jones Park behind Holly Springs Elementary School. Between the park and the school there is a walking trail that connects to Chrismill Lane. As you walk by the pond on your right you used to only see trees and a little bridge crossing a stream. Now you see the earth’s skin and that port o potty. I have included my findings below.


Stu Barnes

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