Meet Stu Barnes

Hello, my name is Stu Barnes and I hope you found your way to this site because someone referred you. I was born and raised in North Carolina; spent most of my childhood in Henderson and then moved to New Bern until I finished high school. I graduated from East Carolina University in 1994 and made my way to the Raleigh area to enter “the working world”. After working for a wireless company for a few years a friend and I started our own which we ran for over six years. By owning my own company I learned a lot about business, life and people in general. Service is by far the number one thing people are looking for no matter what you are selling, be it tires, phones, clothes or computers….people as consumers need to be treated as “you the consumer” would want to be treated. This philosophy led me to my career in…..Real Estate.

As a kid I was always fascinated by construction and neighborhoods being developed. My family would drive around town on the weekends just to see the new neighborhoods and walk through the houses that were just framed. That passion and curiosity has stayed with me thirty or so years later; so I guess you can say this was my calling.

I live in southern Wake County with my wife and 3 children.  My clients hold a very special place with me and I give them all high priority with my time.  If you would like a free consultation please contact me and I will respond within 12 hours or LESS.  I truly look forward to helping you with your real estate needs no matter how large or small.

This site is filled with testimonials of past clients so please take time to read them. I want you to feel comfortable with choosing me as your REALTOR®, so please enjoy this site and don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.  I will be glad to send references upon request.

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