Pricing Your Home

Things that DO NOT affect your home's value:

  • How much cash you “have to get” out of your home.
  • What a Real Estate Agency says your home is worth.
  • What you originally paid for your home.
  • What the Internet says your home is worth.
  • What your neighbor told you his second cousin’s boss’s Uncle got for his house that lives across town.
  • The buyer will always determine the homes value which is in somewhat proportion to the highest possible price the market will bear. In other words, your home is worth what a buyer will pay in today’s market in comparison to other homes like yours within your area.

    Buyers in today’s market are very conscious and very meticulous compared to years ago. Furthermore, with Buyer’s Agency, they will have access to all the tools and privileges that I give to my buyer clients. It is hard to sell a house that not priced correctly. Overpricing a home is by far the key factor in not getting its value in the final sales price. The first week or so is when your house will generate a buzz to REALTORS® that are using the MLS to pull comps. If you price to high they are just going to use your house to justify buying the house down the road which is more in line with the neighborhood average. Your house will sit longer and in turn you will you may be forced to reduce and ultimately get less than you wanted.

    When a home is priced correctly, it will attract more buyers and agents, get more showings faster and in the end… quicker. That of course, is what you want!! Price for listing your home is always what is called “a moving target” in the Real Estate field. A lot of factors can affect prices, so you may select the right price initially and depending on many factors, you may have to change your asking price. A good REALTOR® is always keeping an eye on the market and advising if it is needed to change price whether up or down. To know the correct pricing range for your home, contact us and we will be happy to offer you a no cost- no obligation consultation.

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