Real Estate Commissions

Barnes McQuade Realty is a FULL SERVICE Real Estate Firm.  You may often hear the term “limited service” or “entry only” which refers to a firm that may not fully represent the client. We fully represent our clients’ interests and typically offer the same or more services many other firms offer, usually at a lower rate. One reason larger “franchised” firms cannot lower their fees is due to high overhead and required profit margins to the parent company. Being a smaller and LOCAL Firm helps us help you!

If you look around at any product sold, tangible or intangible, there are discounts offered for that product or service. Even our industry offers a REALTOR® Benefits program that provides discounts for many products and services. Our country is based on fair and open competition and the Real Estate business is no different to that concept. It is just good business to offer reduced fees and it doesn’t mean reduced or poor services, it just means we are responding to consumer demand.

All commissions are negotiable due to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which prohibits price fixing. When you hear the term “discount” Real Estate Firms, that is ultimately an untrue “tag” since there is no “standard” commission rate. We simply feel we can offer the same or better services at a low rate. The rate we charge includes the commission to the Buyer’s Agent.

Commission rates are negotiable, so please contact us to see how much we may be able to help you SAVE!! Do the comparison with other firms’ rates and see the difference…Saving Money is Cool!   Contact us today!

In the case of Barnes McQuade being a Dual Agent, then the total commission is still total negotiated commission. Barnes McQuade would handle both sides of the transaction with written permission from both parties.

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